300 Gal. State Titan LV BTU: 1250000 Natural or Propane Gas

State Titan LV Natural or Propane Gas

Gal Cap: 300 | BTU: 1250000 | 1st HR Delivery Gal: 1515

Height: 92 | Width: 44-3/4 | Depth: 66-1/2 | Vent: 12 | Weight: 2584 lbs

Model # TPG 300 1250 NEA

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Product Description

Large-Volume, Power Burner, TPG Series – Natural or Propane Gas,
TPO Series – Oil, TPD Series – Gas/Oil “Dual Fuel”,
TPX Series – Low NOx Natural Gas

For propane gas, change “NEA” to “PEA” (TPG150 140 PEA)
For oil, change “TPG” to “TPO” and change “NEA” to “OEA” (TPO150 140OEA)
On “TPO” models, add 100 pounds to Approx. Shipping Weight for natural gas/oil dual-fuel, change “TPG” to “TPD” and change “NEA” to “ONEA” (TPD150 140ONEA)
For propane gas/oil dual-fuel, change “TPG” to “TPD” and change “NEA” to “OPEA” (TPD150 140OPEA)
*Indicates availability as “TPX” low NOx natural gas model
Change “TPG” to “TPX” (TPX150 400NEA)

Product Features

1) Type Commercial
2) Fuel Gas
3) Gallon Size 300
4) BTU 1250000
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